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"When people say dreams don't come true, tell them about Rudy." - Rudy (1993)

"When Preston Waters sees an opportunity, he takes it. He knew what to do with a million bucks.." - Blank Check (1994)

"When prim & proper meets wild & crazy, get read to..." - Unhook The Stars (1996)

"When revenge isn't enough..." - The Expert (1994)

"When romance is almost impossible... love always finds a way" - The Lightkeepers (2009)

"When schools become war zones and both sides start taking casualties, what then?" - 187 (1997)

"When she's this hot, you get one shot." - She's Out of My League (2010)

"When someone does you a big favor, don't pay it back..." - Pay it Forward (2000)

"When someone you love dies... are they gone forever?" - Dragonfly (2002)

"When striking out in real life is inevitable... ... striking out on the diamond isn't an option" - Softballs (2012)

"When terror is at your doorstep you can run or you can fight." - Trespass (2011)

"When terror is at your doorstep, you can run, or you can fight" - Trespass (2011)

"When the arcade closes, the fun begins" - Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

"When the battle ends, their fight begins." - Fighting for Life (2008)

"When the best laid plans of mice and men are no longer enough..." - The Rat Thing (2007)

"When the big city called, he had to answer. Born to go wild." - Baby's Day Out (1994)

"When the blood begins to flow, who will be left to scream..." - Dear God No! (2011)

"When the country was on its knees, he brought America to its feet." - Cinderella Man (2005)

"When the days are long, and the knights are short" - Weirdsville (2007)

"When the devil breeds... a new evil is born." - The Culling (2014)

"When the Earth froze, the rules of survival changed forever." - The Colony (2013)

"When the end is here the Alps are near" - Alps (2011)

"When the game ends... life begins." - The Last Fall (2012)

"When the game is over, the fun begins" - Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

"When the girl of your dreams is half your age, it's time to grow up." - Copenhagen (2014)

"When the heroes are forgotten. When the stakes are life and death. There's one stand you've got to take. There's one rule you've got to break." - Article 99 (1992)

"When the hunter... ...becomes the hunted" - The Frozen Ground (2013)

"When the hunters become the hunted" - Night Feeders (2006)

"When the last angel falls, the fight for mankind begins." - Legion (2010)

"When the law becomes corrupt, outlaws became heroes." - Lawless (2012)

"When the law tried to silence him a legend was born." - Ned Kelly (aka The Kelly Gang) (2003)

"When the lights go off the battle is on" - Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)

"When the moon is full, the legend comes to life." - The Wolfman (2010)

"When the most popular frog on TV goes missing, two brothers go on an adventure of a lifetime." - A Plumm Summer (2008)

"When the night belongs to the devil the party goes to hell" - Hellbent (2005)

"When the north shore went to war" - Bustin' Down the Door (2008)

"When the odds are against you, sometimes the only bet is yourself." - Ten Benny (1998)

"When the odds are against you, your best bet is a second chance..." - Duane Hopwood (2005)

"When the party starts, reality ends." - Tequila Body Shots (1999)

"When the rich steal from the poor... the poor steal the rich" - Manda Bala (aka Send a Bullet) (2007)

"When the road bends..." - Gypsy Caravan (2007)

"When the shooting stops... the war begins" - Official Rejection (2009)

"When the sun sets, the hunt begins." - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2001)

"When the top cops are busy... our only hope is..." - The Other Guys (2010)

"When the world changes the rules of survival change with it" - The Colony (2013)

"When the world closed its eyes, he opened his arms." - Hotel Rwanda (2004)

"When the world needed a hero, they called a villain." - Despicable Me 2 (2013)

"When the world turned its back, one man stood up." - Shake Hands with the Devil (2009)

"When the world turns upside down the trick is coming out on top." - King of the Hill (1993)

"When there's no easy way out, what do you do? Who do you trust? Where do you go?" - Albino Alligator (1997)